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Sample questions

Sample Questions

Some students may feel at a loss for how they might learn from families. We have developed a list of sample questions to help inspire your own. You don’t have to use any of these if you don’t want to. It is good to remember that your own questions are the ones you will gain most from asking.

There won’t be time to address every topic you can think of during your home visit, so learning from others’ experiences in class and in the forum will be useful to you as well.

Receiving news:

1 – How did you learn of your (son/daughter)’s diagnosis?

2 – What help or advice did you receive at the time?

3 – How did your physician/care provider respond to your thoughts and feelings at the time?

4 – Can you tell me something about your family’s response to the news?

5 – How did your medical team help you learn about what to prepare for?

6 – How has your experience affected your healthcare decisions?

Ongoing support:

1 – Who has helped you understand important issues?

2 – Who do you turn to most often for help or advice regarding the needs of your (son/daughter)?

3 – How has your healthcare practitioner addressed the needs of others in your family?

4 – Who in the family is the primary caregiver? (Are siblings, or others, expected to give care in any way?)

5 – What supports in your community do you rely on the most?

6 – If I were a new family, a family similar to yours, moving into this area, what would be your favorite suggestions for support and resources?


1 – What helps you establish a good working relationship with your health practitioner?

2 – What are your priorities in care relationships for your child?

3 – What helps a visit to the doctor/care provider go smoothly?

4 – Do you have a favorite helping professional, and why? (can be more than one)

5 – How has your experience affected your marriage? Other adult relationships?

6 – Can you tell me about how members of your family get along with each other (siblings)?

Community and Activities:

1 – What are your child’s educational supports? (For adult sons or daughters, you can explore preparation for adult life, including transition planning, before age 22.)

2 – What community activities are priorities for your loved one?

3 – What difficulties do you and your loved one experience in accessing the community?

4 – How should healthcare providers support your child’s community interests?

5 – What does your family do for fun?


1 – How has this pandemic time affected your family?

2 – What have been your best supports at this time?

3 – What would you like a healthcare giver to know regarding care during COVID-19?