Additional Resources - Operation House Call
Learning Objectives

Operation House Call
Learning Objectives

Improve health equity

Understand attitudinal barriers to health equity and access for individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Reshape Mindsets

Build comfort level and re-shape mindsets around treating individuals with disabilities, through exposure to lived experiences of OHC families.

Communicate effectively

Enhance ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with individuals with IDD and autism and their parents or care partners.

Monitor bias

Create awareness of implicit biases and intersectionality that might affect the evaluation or treatment of a person with IDD, including concept of 'diagnostic overshadowing'.

Develop resource awareness

Increase understanding of resources and community systems available to individuals and families, promoting access to the supports they need.

Demonstrate Sensitivity

Raise awareness of and increase sensitivity to family and sibling dynamics, recognizing the broader context of care and impact of a disability on the entire family.